Why the Grammy's tribute to David Bowie features Lady Gaga doesn't bother us:

I'll be honest, we don't watch the Grammys. But a lot of our friends are pissed that Lady Gaga was chosen to honor the memory of Bowie, instead of someone he truly respected - like Arcade Fire. 

And Lady Gaga's fanbase aren't probably very knowledgeable of older music. But she celebrates being who you are, even if that means being different. Bowie was all about that. We hope it will spark some interest in his amazing life by people that might never have cared. Sure, the Grammys are probably thinking about maximizing the amount of people that will watch their show. But we still think it's a good idea. The more people who are inspired by him the better off this place is gonna be. 

For us, being Bowie fans started a long time ago when we were kids watching a movie with puppets and silly songs, called Labyrinth. From that to the legend of Ziggy, to the Berlin trilogy, to Scary Monsters, to Outside, to the amazing denouement that is ★. We want everyone to share all the inspiration we get from Bowie's music, fashion & art with as many people as possible. We hope Lady Gaga wants that, too.

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