2014 was pretty cool.  

"VibraGun’s self-titled album is a highly-enjoyable listen. It takes you to many places within a particular sonic world. It shows you what is important, what is new, and what is conducive to the dream we’re all living in. It is most definitely worth visiting and revisiting, so this is a record you would want to own – and certainly not one you would want to miss.."

They have still managed to harken back to the sounds and feelings shoegazers will find familiar and they also bring in plenty of new energy and ideas that show you just as much of the future as they do the past."- Unsound America

I don't care what you are doing; go download this record from Seattle's VibraGun. This will be one of the best of 2014.” - No Goddamn Dancing

and some international reaction:

The Huffington Post UK lists Vibragun as one of the best releases of 2014..so far!

Terrascope UK reviews our swagger-ish record, (& catch some familiar friends mentioned) http://www.terrascope.co.uk/Reviews/Rumbles_August_14.htm

Barcelona DJ Nacho Ruiz has 'Dirty Thing' as his #3 pick for Underground Indie picks for March 2014. Also Spanish online music mag Shookdown talks about VIBRAGUN and a shoutout to DJ Amable for including Vibragun on his top March tracks:

In March we released a video for "Willing Sacrifice" by WAY HARSH (wayharsh.com)

No Goddamn Dancing blog featured “Send Me To Dream” on their compilation of the same name that highlights local music.  Tyler Vandivort and Nikki Olson have become good friends and we can’t say enough how awesome they are!  They put on a release party with us at the Highline in March with Wind Burial, Nostalgist and Levator

We wanted to give a shoutout to the community of shoegaze-friendly blogs around the world : Sounds Better With Reverb, Red Hot Radish Land, A Good Day For Airplay, The Dumbing of America, Ola's Cool Kitchen, Hologram Skies, NW Shoegazing, Music Is Amazing, A Jigsaw Puzzle, Burning World, zebras in pajamas, Seismic-sound, Dave Segal at the Stranger blog, Fuzzy Logic.

Hands & Moment label made a full length Japanese import available on April 23rd.  This was really exciting for us and we are lucky to have developed such an amazing friendship with the label owner, Mitsuko Hoshino.  This was the first step towards realising our dream of playing music in Japan later in the year

Our west coast tour happened in October.  13 shows from Missoula to Silverlake.  Special thanks to Greg at DKFM, The Sleepover Disaster, Laura Witzig, Mikkel and the Foreign Resort, Mullarkey Run-On Sunshine, LightFM, Nightmare Air and Jimmy for putting us up, Balms, Shayne Doe, Eric Gilbert, Red Hands Black Feet Carson & Rylie and Ryan Crowther.  Many thanks to James at Airplay Junkie for the radio support and setting up in-studio appearances.  Mike at KZRA, Josh at KDVS, Matt Catling at The Reverb, and the crew at KRCX. To all the venues that helped make this a great tour, we are grateful.

KEXP 90.3FM in Seattle is one of the leading independent free-format stations in the nation, if not the world.  They featured "Dirty Thing" as its Song Of The Day. http://blog.kexp.org/2014/04/11/song-of-the-day-vibragun-dirty-thing/
On October 25, 2014 the band appeared live for an in studio session.

Our first tour to Japan in November with Russian band Aerofall.  It was a life changing experience. Special thanks to Mitsuko and Takafumi for being gracious hosts. Manabu-san the DJ/guide/hangover doctor AND rock and roll warrior!! Thank you Oeil, Denis Sorro, and Aerofall!  Motohisa for the Disk Union support, Yamada-san and Kenji for keeping indie rock alive in Nagoya!, Matt Bedford, and all of Japan for being more than we could have imagined.

We ended the year with amazing show on December 31st at the High Dive with Ever So Android and Dirty Dirty..see you in 2015

Thank you everyone for an amazing time bringing in 2015 at the High Dive. It was such a good time, and we enjoy ed Dirty Dirty and Ever So Android who were just killing it!!

And, I can't thank everyone enough who has taken the time and effort to support Vibragun over the past year.  The list is growing, I realise that we haven't taken the time to show our appreciation here at vibragun.com nearly enough.  In the next days we will spend a few moments going over the craziness that was 2014
end of the year update,..
it's been almost 3 weeks since we got back from the craziest fall ever for VG.  things really started back in October and didn't stop for almost 2 months, so much has happened it's impossible to describe it all at once.  old and new friends on the road, so much passion for good music going on all around our city, the USA & the world.  it changed me

had to jump back into things as soon as we got back to seattle - a lot of family time and work to be had.  going to Japan was such an amazing experience i've hardly had time to process. we'll have some stuff to show soon, promise.

if you're in Seattle, i really hope to see you at our new years eve show at the high dive.  it's going to be a sincere farewell to 2014 but even more i can't wait to see what goes down in 2015.  if you're not around these parts, and we came in contact this year - trust me, i'll be thinking of you.. best,joel