end of the year update,..
it's been almost 3 weeks since we got back from the craziest fall ever for VG.  things really started back in October and didn't stop for almost 2 months, so much has happened it's impossible to describe it all at once.  old and new friends on the road, so much passion for good music going on all around our city, the USA & the world.  it changed me

had to jump back into things as soon as we got back to seattle - a lot of family time and work to be had.  going to Japan was such an amazing experience i've hardly had time to process. we'll have some stuff to show soon, promise.

if you're in Seattle, i really hope to see you at our new years eve show at the high dive.  it's going to be a sincere farewell to 2014 but even more i can't wait to see what goes down in 2015.  if you're not around these parts, and we came in contact this year - trust me, i'll be thinking of you.. best,joel

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